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Company making ice cream cones. Founded in 1978 under the guidance of Jean Khazen

The assumption of the success for any production is quality. Quality for us is above all.

Implanted in Lebanon since 1960 and following the same old recipe of our family, we provide the best ice cream cones in Lebanon. A wide range of shape, size, decoration, wafers, waffle, mini cones…

In 1978, Jean khazen, take in charge a small factory from his family, for the production of ice cream cones, some rudimentary cast-iron molds, provided sufficient production to meet the demands at that period.

The enthusiasm of the post-war rebirth Jean who was studying in Paris, understood from the beginning the potential market. He equipped the ancient factory with new machines from Austria, Germany and Italy. It was then that “Le Sorbet” was born, and who immediately become the main supplier of ice cream cones in Lebanon and the Middle East.


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